Help us to provide more Missional Houses

We are seeking to raise £2m of social investment to enable us to buy more properties in London to use as Missional Houses, supporting the work of churches in deprived communities in London.

We are seeking investors, not just givers. Investors in the Bond will receive a financial return, with fixed rates of interest paid annually. We are offering different fixed rates of interest over 3 and 5 year periods of time.

But the main return will be a social one, as the money that is invested will work hard in supporting ministries that are changing people’s lives in London.

How to invest

Our first Bond was of interest to individuals, churches and Christian organisations, and we expect this one to be too. We accept investments of £5,000 or above. We are offering the following fixed rates of interest, payable annually:

5 yrs
£15,000 or more: 2.00%
£5,000 – £14,999: 1.25%

3 yrs
£15,000 or more: 1.25%
£5,000 – £14,999: 1.00%

The Bond is being issued in the form of fixed term, fixed interest unsecured loan stock by Mission Housing, an Industrial and Provident Society. This kind of investment is not suitable for all, and we recommend that you seek independent financial advice if you are in any doubt. We are not able to offer financial advice.

We are also pleased to accept gift–aid donations for those who wish to support us in that way.

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