Become a Local Mission Partner

We are looking for Local Mission Partners who need a Missional House. Please consider applying to us, if you are:

  • A church working in a deprived area in London and
  • Closely associated with one of the London Missional Housing Bond partners and
  • Need affordable housing for your missional workers

Full details on how to apply are provided in the Briefing Note and Application Form. Applications must be received by 31st December 2014.


"It is my hope and prayer that you will join us as fellow partners in the Gospel by providing financial support for this venture." – Bishop of London
LMHB intro CSJ Sutherland PMS

 Our partners

The Eden Network brings together teams of Christians to live on challenging housing estates to build up the local church for the long–term. The Diocese of London works across the whole diocese in supporting mission and ministry and developing and training new clergy. The Centre for Theology & Community supports a wide range of inner–city churches in developing their ministries. Many of these churches have staff and interns who need support with housing.