Social investment for the Church’s mission in London


Second Missional property purchased


Our Second Housing Bond raised over £525,000, which enabled us to buy another property in the heart of the Old Street area of London. Missional workers, who are members of Inspire London, have just taken up occupation of the flat.

Our first Missional House!

Our first Housing Bond in 2013 raised nearly £400,000! We have bought our first Missional House in Bethnal Green in East London. Read more about our new Missional House here.

The Housing Bond will enable us to purchase and provide decent homes – at low rents – to workers involved in church mission in some of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in London.

The high cost of housing in London is now a serious obstacle to the church’s mission. The Bond will help churches to recruit and retain essential mission workers and enable them to live in the communities they serve.

We’re delighted that we now have two homes from where intentional missional outreach can impact the local community.